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Lake Del Valle Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Hunting Clubs, 2019 private fishing nearby

  Lake Del Valle Fishing Map, Fishing Report

Fishing Map of Lake Del Valle 

About Lake Del Valle 

Del Valle: Trout in the country, and just over the hill from the teeming metropolis, you can nail a limit when you hit  the right spots and soak the right bait.   The easiest  and quickest way to fill a stringer at  Lake Del Valle is a no-brainer :
Regardless if the lake is receiving plants close to the city by the DFG or lake concessionaires,  trout are slid into the lake at the ramp. With weekly stockings, your best bet will almost always be right in this area.

  Boaters will launch and anchor a couple of casts from the docks, and bankees  will work the zones to both sides. You  may want to hoof it or cruise further.
You won’t find any annoying Jet Skis r  or Waterskiers here. Del Valle is mostly  a fishing lake. At 7 miles long, it can  take a While to get to the dam since a 10  mph speed limit is in effect, but this is  also what makes the lake such a pleasant  place to visit.
Whilst you wet a line at  Lake Del Valle, you’1l see a lot of  wildlife roaming the banks and the sky.  Keep an eye peeled for bobcat, turkey,  deer and even a mountain lion or nesting  bald eagles. Be sure you’ve got your  other eye on your rod tip though.
May  will see the best trout action of the year  at this lake, and when your looking for  multiple bent rods, this is the place to be.  There are a number of species finning  their way about Lake Del Valle, but Trout run from 10-inch catchable  size to incredible monsters at over 17  pounds. Your fish will average 1 to 3 pounds on the norm, but you could be  one of the few and the proud to land a  double-digit critter.
The Narrows  just a couple of hundred yards north of  the ramp are a sweet spot, and they produce their share of trophies and hordes  of basic trout.
This is a chokepoint —  fish headed for the far reaches of the  lake have to pass through here, and since  it’s narrow, they become concentrated.  Shore bound fishers often soak baits on  one rod and fling lures with the other in  the Narrows,  troller to pass through  drag an offering.
Other  parts of the lake can be good too. Don’t  give up if the Ramp and the Narrows  provide you with no joy. Try Swallow  Bay, Heron Bay, and the Dam if youv’e  got a boat, and from shore he sure to  check-out the points and coves near  Hetch Hetchy and Venados campsites.  The shoreline between the ramp and  Hetch Hetchy camp is also good.
With May  and the approach of Summer,Surface temps are rising, and the trout  will be headed deeper to water with a 55  to 57 degree window. Odds are that you’ll need to work 15 to 25 feet deep to  get your fish. For trollers, it’s simple to  add some weight inline or use a downrigger, but bankkees will need to use lightline, long rods, and heavy weights to get to the depth required.
Something to think  about when fishing from the shore:  Steep banks usually indicate deep water  near shore, and a gradual slope nonnally  offers the shallower stuff. 
Some of the  best lures are Needlefish, Triple Teasers,  Rainbow Raiders, Lucky Nites, Kastmasters, Cripplures and Rapalas. The best lure colors  change from season to season, from day  to day and even during the day. Start with colors like gold, silver, red/white or  chartreuse, and change lures often until  you find one that is getting hit.
You  should also load up  on trolling gear: Fishing dodgers and  flashers. Go with  bright pattems on a  dark day and dark  colors on a bright  day. Behind the hardware, pull spoons or a hunk of a fat crawler. 
\BEST BAITS:  Fishing Del Valle  with baits will do the  job, and the best stuff  is the  nightcrawler, and of  course Power Bait.  Waters should still be  a bit murky with  runoff; go with bright  colors and sparkles  with the manufactured offerings, and  soak your live worms  in bait scents.  Movement can also  be important, don't  just let the bait sit,  move it a tad now  and then. Sometimes  pulling in your offering very slowly will  produce heart-attack  strikes.
Few anglers  use crickets, live minnows, or cheeseand tuna balls these  days; they could be  your ticket.
Location: Lake Del Valle on Mines Road near Llvermore, in  the lower reaches of the Diablo Mountain Range.  Size: The lake has 750 surface acres and 16 miles
of  shoreline at an elevation of 700 feet.  Species: Largemouth and smallmouth bass, striped bass,  catfish, panfish, and rainbow trout. 
Records: The record trout weighed 17 pounds, 7.5 ounces  The largest striped bass weighed in at 40 pounds and  the largest black bass weighed 14 pounds, 8 ounces.  A 30 pound catfish is the largest of that species. 
Facilities: Del Valle has a four-lane boat launch ramp with  docks, camping for tents and RV's with water hook-ups  and disposal station, picnic areas, swimming beaches,  equestrian trails, hiking, nature observation and visitors  center, as well as snack shop, tackle shop, campground  store, and boat rentals. 
Entry and parking  fees are $5 per vehicle. Boat launching costs $5. Rental boats: Aluminum fishing boats with trolling motors.
More Info: Contact: For more information on fishing Lake Del Valle, call Del Valle Regional Park (925 373 0332), Lake Del  Valle Marina (925 449 5201), 

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